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Optimal Return Prediction (Data Mining/CRISP-DM)

  • Description: On average, online customers return 40% of all orders and this represents a huge cost factor for online retailers. For this reason, our main goal was to reduce the rate of returns by calculating the probability of a return. We analyzed a total of 451,495 orders and we achieved 73.94% of correctly classified instances, a good result considering the case study.
  • Tools: Weka, RapidMiner and Microsoft Excel
  • Methodology: CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining)
  • Team members: Fábio Santos and Wilson Rodrigues

Yahtzee - Multiplayer Game (PHP/JavaScript)

  • Description: An online yahtzee version built using Laravel and AngularJS.
  • Team members: Fábio Santos and Eurico Sousa

PDF Signer (C#)

  • Description: PDF Signer is a very simple way to sign your PDF documents with the Portuguese Citizen Card (aka "cartão de cidadão").
  • Team members: Fábio Santos and Eurico Sousa

PALZ - Text Compression Tool (C)

  • Description: Compress and decompress text files using an algorithm similar to the LZ77/LZ78.
  • Team members: Fábio Santos and Eurico Sousa